Planet Planning Underway!

Captain PlanetReturn to the Planet of Forbidden Improv is happening April 29th – May 3rd 2014, part of the 2014 International Comedy Festival.

Each night brave explorers will set forth to explore the far reaches of a dark universe, encountering aliens and strange situations, in a show where key parameters are set by the audience. Warning: likely but not guaranteed to contain Robots, Aliens, Beautiful People, Giant Ants and/or Spiders, Suspiciously Friendly People, Tentacles, Time Travel, Parallel Universes and more Robots!

The venue is BATS Theatre (offsite), the time 6.30pm on the evenings of Tuesday 29 April through Saturday 3rd May.  The destination, a mysterious planet of Your devising.

Prepare to go “Squee”,  or to make an alternative alien exclamation of your choice.  Perhaps “Meep”?

The Crew and The People of the Planet will be drawn from the players of The Wellington Improvisation Troupe.


Crew Recruited for Expedition


Crew member demands hazard pay

robot spider encounterAble Crewman Wiremu “Woody” Tuhiwai recently filed a formal petition for an immediate revision to scout ship contracts, to include provision for hazard pay.  This action was taken after a disturbing encounter with a previously unknown species of robotic spiders on Delpha Cerentai IV.

None of The Amalgamated Alliance for Planetary Expansion’s  management team were available for official comment.  However,  a senior advisory officer stated off the record that, as ship duty is well known to be inherently dangerous, “the fool should have darn well known what he was signing up to”.


Rumours of Cylicorns

alien cylicornWhen footage from a remotely deployed Planetcam was reviewed by scientists recently, a mysterious creature was observed. Tentatively the individual has been described as a Cylicorn.

Why that name?  Well, Cyclops+Unicorn=Cylicorn.  An alternative result of using the Earth based myth-referencing concatenation system of nomenclature is Uniclops.  And, somehow that didn’t have quite the right ring.

Cylicorns are just one of many species that could inhabit The Planet this May.

A Little Art